Cassandra is a sensorially-driven sculptor, bath worker and community artist based in Naarm/Melbourne.

She has been bathing since before birth, in the womb. She believes bath-derived wisdom can have profound impacts on the wellbeing of individuals and communities.
Her solo art practice uses sculpture, writing, installation, and gesture to discover alternate
and gently expansive modes of being, based on sensitivity to space and material.

Cassandra is a member of the Council of SVOo art collective, and While the Hour art and chronosophy collective.

Cassandra is a graduate of Sculpture and Spatial Practice at RMIT and with honors from VCA. She is qualified with an advanced diploma of Fashion Design and Technology, RMIT.

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Water Life Bath House is envisaged as a community art space/ bathhouse in Melbourne, launching 2028.

It is a 10-year slow-burn project Cassandra is embarking on alongside anybody else who wants to come along for the ride.

It currently exists as an imaginative device to further Cassandra’s sculpture practice and research. 

Imagining a bath house space brings about exhibitions, diagrams, research, conversations, plans and dreams. 

WLBH would not exist in this embryonic state without: Helen Mirra for her clear instructions of cultivating the ‘half-smile’ state of being, Annie Sprinkles' and Beth Stephens’ sculptures and rituals celebrating bodies and alternate sensual practices, Carolyn Eskdale's delicate sculptures referencing domestic spaces, Lygia Clark’s late work unblocking latent creative potential through gesture, and lastly the spatial and perceptual anti-death-wish investigations of Arakawa and Gins.

Image courtesy Max Milne